Roasted Tobacco - Flavour Concentrate

Roasted Tobacco - Flavour Concentrate

Menon's Original Concentrates
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Roasted Tobacco E-Liquid Flavour Concentrate

This concentrate consists of a honey roast tobacco fused with hints of caramel undertones. With a woody tobacco base, it provides a distinct sugary and earth-full aftertaste.

1 Litre

It is recommended that you mix between 5-20% according to your preferences.

All concentrates sourced from Menon Vape's range are manufactured in the UK and do not contain known respiratory irritants such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin.


Please note: Some e-liquid ingredients can cause cracking, frosting or even melting of polycarbonate, plastic or acrylic tanks and tubes.


For orders greater than 10L and for wholesale enquires, please contact us.