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Compact 50ml shortfills ready to use with or without the nicotine of your choice. A wide-ranging selection of fruity flavours that vary from sweet, tart, and straight-up juicy! Shortfills are literally filled “short” so you can experiment by adding in the right nicotine. Our Shortfills are a quick and easy way to familiarize yourself with the right flavours out there. Whatever you have a taste for, we have a shortfill for it! If you decide to vape the E-Liquid by itself know that the flavour can be a little potent so adding in 0 nic liquid would be a good idea if you’re staying away from nicotine.

All products are tested and are fully compliant with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, USP and the requirements of the EU regulation 231/2012 for food additives (Glycerol (E422)).

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